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 Micah Cheserem, Chairperson of the CRAmicah cheserem the chairperson of the commission on revenue allocation cra courtesy



The membership of this Commission is made up of representative of interest groups or stakeholders and a representative of the national executive:

215. (2) The Commission shall consist of the following persons appointed by the President— (a) a chairperson, who shall be nominated by the President and approved by the National Assembly; (b) two persons nominated by the political parties represented in the National Assembly according to their proportion of members in the Assembly; (c) five persons nominated by the political parties represented in the Senate according to their proportion of members in the Senate; and (d) the Principal Secretary in the Ministry responsible for finance.

At the time of the constitution of the CRA in 2011, Kenya did not yet have a Senate and hence the National Assembly nominated a total of seven persons to the Commission. Clearly, as we noted in the introduction, political interests will play out in the workings of this Commission. All the seven Commissioners nevertheless, must be people with long technical experience in matters of finance and economics:

215. (4) To be qualified to be a member of the Commission under clause (2) (a), (b) or (c), a person shall have extensive professional experience in financial and economic matters.



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