Roles and Functions


The PSC's primary role will be to oversee the Public Service's conduct; that it conducts itself in a professional, efficient, responsive, people-centred, transparent, accountable, fair, and corruption-free manner: 

232. (1) The values and principles of public service include— (a) high standards of professional ethics; (b) efficient, effective and economic use of resources; (c) responsive, prompt, effective, impartial and equitable provision of services; (d) involvement of the people in the process of policy making; (e) accountability for administrative acts; (f) transparency and provision to the public of timely, accurate information;

234. (2) The Commission shall— (e) ensure that the public service is efficient and effective;

The place of the Commission was anchored in law upon the passing of the Public Service Commission Act No 13 of 2012 in July of that year. The PSC was therefore expected to immediately embark on vertical and horizontal training and restaffing levels of personnel in the Public Service in order that the Service may conform to the new dictates of the Constitution of Kenya 2010: 

234. (2) The Commission shall subject to this Constitution and legislation–– (d) investigate, monitor and evaluate the organisation, administration and personnel practices of the public service;  (f) develop human resources in the public service; (g) review and make recommendations to the national government in respect of conditions of service, code of conduct and qualifications of officers in the public service;

On the 24th of September 2013, the Commission issued a reminder to all public service officers to declare personal financial information on income, assets and liabilities for themselves, spouses and children below 18 years, to comply with the provisions of the Public Officer Ethics Act of 2003 that requires all officers to make such submission every two years.

Further, the PSC must operationalise those constitutional provisions that focus on positive affirmation principals and especially those that encourage merit, regional balance, and positive discrimination of persons with disability:

232. (1) (g) subject to paragraphs (h) and (i), fair competition and merit as the basis of appointments and promotions; (h) representation of Kenya’s diverse communities; and (i) affording adequate and equal opportunities for appointment, training and advancement, at all levels of the public service, of–– (i) men and women; (ii) the members of all ethnic groups; and (iii) persons with disabilities.

Although the PSC does not exercise administrative control over the public service in the Counties, it will nevertheless; 

234 (2) ....... (i) hear and determine appeals in respect of county governments public service; ........

The PSC's performance across its sphere of influence i.e., the Public Service, is subject to review and examination by the Executive and Parliament in the spirit of the New Constitution: 

234. (2) The Commission shall (h) evaluate and report to the President and Parliament on the extent to which the values and principles mentioned in Articles 10 and 232 are complied with in the public service;


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