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Electoral Seats Under the New Constitution



 Affirmative. Inclusive. Representative



Governor of the County

The elected Administrative CEO of the County

Senator of the County

The elected law-maker at the Senate for the County

Women Representative of the County

Elected Law-maker at the National Assembly for the Women of the County

Member of the Constituency

Elected Law-maker at the National Assembly for the people of the Constituency.

Member of the County Assembly

Elected Law-maker at the County Assembly for the people of the Ward.

 Nominated Members

Nominated Law-makers via Political Party-lists to ensure affirmative representation of gender, minorities and special interests.




While the related discussion on Kenya's Electoral System under the New Constitution revealed the people's determination to streamline the manner and conduct of elections in Kenya through a reformed electoral system, the discussion on political parties has highlighted the ideal environment under which the voter desires to see daily politics conducted. In both cases the people of Kenya, through the New Constitution have made the case for immediate changes in the political and electoral processes and systems that are transparent and inclusive; devoid of fraud, manipulation and ethnic mobilizations and other discriminatory evils. The next discussion hereafter on electoral seats, hopes to make the case that every Kenyan, irrespective of gender, race, creed, language, association, vocation, age, place of domicile, etc., will have a direct say on who gets elected at their local unit of devolution i.e in the County, and to the Presidency at the national level.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC, is the only body mandated by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, to delineate new electoral units and boundaries. That is to say, the geographical units of representation (or Electoral Seats) are mapped by the IEBC:

82. (1) Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for— (a) the delimitation by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of electoral units for election of members of the National Assembly and county assemblies;



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