To produce these desired outcomes (chief among which is the realisation of fair and equitable representation), the electoral system must make special provisions for specific groups and voices, even within the context of "one man one vote", and facilitate the registration of everyone who qualifies and desires to vote, including citizens outside the country and arrange for their access to a polling station. Chapter 7 - Representation of the People, Part 1 - Electoral System and Process, excerpts:

81. The electoral system shall comply with the following principles–– (b) not more than two-thirds of the members of elective public bodies shall be of the same gender; (c) fair representation of persons with disabilities; (d) universal suffrage based on the aspiration for fair representation and equality of vote; ......

And from Chapter 4 - The Bill of Rights, Part 3, Specific Application of Rights, Article 54:

54. (2) The State shall ensure the progressive implementation of the principle that at least five percent of the members of the public in elective and appointive bodies are persons with disabilities.

Further on inclusiveness:

82. (1) Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for— (c) the continuous registration of citizens as voters; 

88. (4) ........ (a) the continuous registration of citizens as voters; (b) the regular revision of the voters’ roll;

82. (1) Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for— (e) the progressive registration of citizens residing outside Kenya, and the progressive realisation of their right to vote.

83. (3) Administrative arrangements for the registration of voters and the conduct of elections shall be designed to facilitate, and shall not deny, an eligible citizen the right to vote .......

It must be one that gives due considerations to the disadvantaged and those with special needs who in most cases, may not be inclined to participate in electoral processes or find it difficult to do so:

82. (2) Legislation required by clause (1) (d) shall ensure that voting at every election ....... (c) takes into account the special needs of— (i) persons with disabilities; and (ii) other persons or groups with special needs.


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