Credible (simple, transparent, secure)


To the end that the electoral system should be easy to follow, the New Constitution is clear and unambiguous:

82. (2) Legislation ....... shall ensure that voting at every election is— (a) simple; (b) transparent; ........

86. ....... (a) whatever voting method is used, the system is simple, accurate, verifiable, secure, accountable and transparent;

Therefore, new laws governing the conduct and regulation of all elections must be in place to ensure a credible electoral outcome. Accordingly, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC is the only body mandated by the Constitution to plan for and to supervise all elections:

82. (1) Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for— (d) the conduct of elections and referenda and the regulation and efficient supervision of elections and referenda, ........

Once voting has concluded, counting begins immediately at the polling station. The IEBC then formally announces the polling station's results of the votes garnered by each candidate for the specified elective position. Thereafter, the IEBC tallies the votes for each candidate for a specific seat from all the affected polling stations (ie the aggregate of those that make up an electoral area), and declares the winners:

86. At every election, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission shall ensure that— (b) the votes cast are counted, tabulated and the results announced promptly by the presiding officer at each polling station; (c) the results from the polling stations are openly and accurately collated and promptly announced by the returning officer; .......

Vote counting is one of the electoral process that is fraught with danger and mischief. It is incumbent on the IEBC therefore to ensure that clear and verifiable security arrangements are in place to protect the credibility of the vote counting, tallying and storage of ballot papers and other documentation:

86. (d) appropriate structures and mechanisms to eliminate electoral malpractice are put in place, including the safekeeping of election materials.


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