Every political party that hopes to be duly registered and remain so, must desire to see, within the shortest time possible, a Kenya in which all live in a democratic and just society governed by the national values and principals of governance as enshrined in the New Constitution:
91. (1) Every political party shall— (g) promote the objects and principles of this Constitution and the rule of law; .......

The vision of every political party must therefore be to unite the people of Kenya towards the same goals and aspirations:

91. (1) Every political party shall— (a) have a national character as prescribed by an Act of Parliament; 

Adherence to Article 91. (1) is a work in progress as clearly, the party coalitions that formed for the 2013 elections were largely brought together by the marshaling of ethnic regions. "....... aimed at crafting winning combinations based entirely on ethnicity" (Kiriro wa Ngugi, 2012).


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