Registered Political Parties


The introduction of new electoral rules governing political parties means that all existing political parties must seek fresh registration with the office of the Registrar of Political Parties RPP. The Registrar of Political Parties RPP is the only body mandated by the New Constitution to register a political party, to monitor its conduct and to certify that the party and its candidates are free to participate in an election.

It is important to mention here that the ruling of the Court referred to earlier that compelled the IEBC to push back the date of a by-election for Mathare Constituency in order to include the name of an independent candidate who had been barred from contesting the by-election by the Commission, also found that the law that granted the Office of the RPP to receive and hold the official register of the members of a political party was unconstitutional. The Court's ruling affirmed that a written resignation from a party by a member was enough in law to effect the action which did not require the compliance of the RPP to do the same especially where the party failed to inform the RPP of the resignation.

The terms of registration are designed to deliver the aims and aspirations of the people of Kenya; indeed, political parties are by default, necessary facilitators of democratic ideals. These registration terms essentially spell out the same vision, mission and values for all political parties irrespective of ideology, promise or pledge. After all, all political parties lay claim to the same clientele - the people of Kenya. These terms of registration are provided for in the Political Parties Act No 11 of 2011.
The full official list of duly Registered Political Parties in which we highlight key and relevant information and data that is pertinent to the New Constitution and the Political Parties Act No 11 of 2011 will be made available with time once we have the data from the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties.



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