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Public Service Commission under the New Constitution



Open. Accountable. Responsible




The PSC has acquired the powers to hire and fire top personnel in the Public Service and to structure it, powers that were previously exercised by the President.

 Roles and Functions

The PSC will continuously set the terms of service of all  national public officers, and ensure the public service delivers high performance levels to the public.


This 'mother' Commission is led by a Chair and vice-Chair and seven Commissioners. 




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The Public Service Commission, PSC is in one sense, a 'master' Commission in that, it has a very wide mandate nationally, and is well represented in several of the other Commissions, and State organs. For example, the PSC will have a representative in the Judicial Service Commission, as well as in the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. Chapter 10 - Judiciary, Part 4 - Judicial Service Commission, excerpt: 

171. (1) There is established the Judicial Service Commission.
(2) The Commission shall consist of— (g) one person nominated by the Public Service Commission; ........

And from Chapter 12 - Public Finance, Part 6 - Financial Officers and Institutions. Excerpt:

230. (1) There is established the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.
(2) The Salaries and Remuneration Commission consists of the following persons ....... — (b) one person each nominated by the following ........— (ii) the Public Service Commission;

The PSC existed under the old Constitution - albeit under the direct control of the Offices of the President and the Ministry of Public Service. Going forward, the PSC is now an independent Commission. As the Commission in charge of the Public Service, the PSC will concern itself with the performance and well-being of all State organs and corporations falling under its jurisdiction. Chapter 13 - The Public Service, Part 2 - The Public Service Commission, Article 232:

232. (2) The values and principles of public service apply to public service in— (a) all State organs in both levels of government; and (b) all State corporations.


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