National Assemblies in Kenya's History






Legislative Assemblies have existed with man since history. Historical accounts of Kenyan communities show that they all had such assemblies whose membership was either by age, lineage, or leadership qualities, etc.

Legislative Assemblies before Independence

Legislative Council-Legco House of Representatives

Kenya's colonial past meant that legislative authority was vested in Her Majesty the Queen or her representative, rather than on the people of Kenya or a local assembly. As independence drew ever closer, the legislative assembly (legco) began to include some numbers of Africans and Asians in its membership.

Legislative Assemblies after Independence
House of  Representatives

2nd - 9th Parliament 1966-2002

After the 1963 elections at Independence, the tables had turned and the House of Representatives (and the Senate) had African majority membership. Subsequent Assemblies or Parliaments, however failed to serve the interests of the people owing to the concentration of power to the center when Kenya became a single-party state. These Assemblies had large numbers of members serving in the cabinet as Ministers and Assistant Ministers further blurring the line between the legislature and the executive.

The 10th Parliament

This Assembly served under both the old and the new constitutions and was able to pass enabling legislation for the formation of a coalition government, passing of the new constitution, and to legislate laws necessary to transition to the the new constitution.

 The National Assembly under the New Constitution

This Assembly will come into existence in March 2013 after the first General Elections under the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It is expected to pick up from where the 10th Parliament will have left off albeit sharing legislative authority with a Senate. It will have an expanded membership and legitimacy under the sovereign authority of the people of Kenya.





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