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Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC)



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Though short on authority, the CIC is long on clout because of the importance and complexity of constitutional implementation.

Roles and Functions

The Commission is adviser and liaison between Parliament and the office of the Attorney-General to ensure that the Constitution of Kenya 2010 is implemented in a correct and timely manner.

Composition and Tenure

The CIC will exist for just five years, by which time the New Constitution should be fully operational.





CIC logoAn exercise as important and game-changing as the implementation of a new constitution simply cannot be entrusted in the hands of government because of the likely tendency by the old order sitting within the three arms of government to hold on to the status-quo . This is where the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution, CIC comes in. This Commission is the people's insurance that the New Constitution will be implemented fully and on time.

Having been in place by early January 2011, CIC was actually among the first Commissions to be established upon the passing of the New Constitution. Excerpts from Article 25 of the Sixth Schedule - Transitional and Consequential Provisions, Part 6 - Commissions and Offices: 

25. (1) The Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution ....... shall be constituted within ninety days after the effective date.




The CIC is a constitutional Commission. Excerpts from Article 5 of the Sixth Schedule - Transitional and Consequential Provisions:

5. (1) There is established the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution.



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