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Judicial Service Commission under the New Constitution



Open. Accountable. Responsible




The JSC wields considerable authority in the discipline and accountability of all personnel in the Judiciary.

Roles and Functions

The Commission will recruit personnel in the Judiciary as well as oversee the improvement of the structures in the Judiciary and the competence of Judicial officers.


The JSC is headed by the Chief Justice and includes a representative from the various Courts, the PSC and a Commissioner representing members of the public.




jsc logoTop on the list of the envisaged reforms in Kenya under the New Constitution is a new and restructured Judiciary. The Judicial Service Commission, JSC is expected to play a key role in recruitment especially of the top leadership in the Judiciary; and as a key institution to hear public grievances against any member of the Bench and facilitate the removal of a Judge unfit to hold office. The JSC therefore is, like other constitutional Commissions, well poised to "....... (a) protect the sovereignty of the people; (b) secure the observance by all State organs of democratic values and principles; and (c) promote  constitutionalism." (Article 249). The JSC was one of the earliest Commissions to be constituted after the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010: Sixth Schedule - Transitional and Consequential Provisions, Article 20:  

20. (1) The Judicial Service Commission shall be appointed within sixty days after the effective date .......


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