Representation in Kenya




1.  Genesis

An inherent social nature in man is one of the reasons he has developed various forms of representation.

History of Representation in Kenya

All language groups or tribes, in Kenya had one form or another of representation whose origins could be traced to the customs and traditions and ceremonies that were mostly centered around the family unit.

Representation during Colonial times

The coming of the colonialists in the 19th century overturned the governance structures of most indigenous peoples of Kenya, resulting in a top heavy and exclusive representation.

Representation under the Independence Constitution

The Westminster constitution of 1963 made no pretenses in trying to right the wrong influences of colonial era and instead perpetuated skewed representation and division.

Representation under the New Constitution

The Constitution of Kenya 2010, promises a new beginning in representation to the extent that Kenya pursues a modern, Western-type governing democracy.





Various historical accounts show that man's desire for order as part of self-governance, produced a social equilibrium in which the interests of everyone were represented. Thus modern forms of representation have simply evolved in-step with the changing of times and are not an invention of any particular civilisation.





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