Public Finance under the Old Constitution



Centralised. Wasteful. Opaque





The Independence Constitution gave way too much power to the President who went on to concentrate the instruments of Public Finance under his control and authority. Elected representatives (let alone the public), had little say and participation in its control and use.


Centralised planning of public policy and budget meant allocation of public funds was tightly tied to political support, loyalty and expediency, leading to waste, haemorrage and theft. White elephants were a common feature of a Public Finance system that was neither inclusive nor transparent. Weak policies continued to dog even well-intentioned attempts at equitable allocations such as the CDF, ESP, among others.


The Treasure remained the sole custodian and administrator of Public Finance, leading to delays, siphoning and frequent under-utilization of project funds. The office of the Controller and Auditor-General, a toothless parliament, a weak anti-corruption structure, and corrupt judiciary essentially meant that accountability remained a byword.



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